Welcome to Aleaton! (Again!)

I have finally finished placing lots in the new version of Aleaton! Or well, I haven’t quite finished since there are some lots I do want to use that I still haven’t placed, but I decided it will be more fun to keep some lots aside to add later, so that the hood can change occasionally. This version of the hood is much better than the old one, I think. It’s more thought out and less cluttered. The “downtown” section is more or less the same as before but the rest of the hood looks nice than it used to. I’ve learned I don’t need to use ever single nice lot I’ve ever seen, or at least not all at once! If you want to see some photos of the old version of the hood, for comparison then read this post. Now it’s time for the photos of the new, and improved, Aleaton! All photos can be clicked on to view a larger version.


Here is Old Aleaton Harbor (credit to the wonderfully talented plasticbox @ MTS for the lovely hood Elsewhere, which I’ve used for this subhood). The harbor is Aleaton’s Downtown area, so I’m hoping that some vamps will start lurking around the docks. The harbor is unchanged (as far as I recall anyway) compared to the original Aleaton.

The downtown/urban area of the main hood is mostly unchanged too. There’s just a couple of lots that have been replaced. As good as all the lots in this section are by plasticbox @ MTS. I just love the Backdoor Lane line of houses, they’re fantastic!

 Aleaton also has an, in my opinion, rather nice campus these days! The University of Aleaton uses lots from one of the pre-made Maxis Unis, Sim State University. I’ve always been fond of that Uni so I decided to use it as a base hood Uni since I plan to try out the Lion/Argon Base Hood Uni set from MATY.


The rest of the hood is less dense with lots and consists of a mixture of suburban and rural homes. There’s cottages, townhouses, farms, trailers and even a couple of manors. Rather than to show you the different little streets up close, here’s a few overview shots of the hood as a whole:

Well, that’s Aleaton, ladies and gents! I’m very happy with how it turned out, and I’m also very happy with the Lot Directory in my tracker file for the hood, which will hopefully save me the trouble of having to load a bunch of lots every time I’m picking a house for a particular family. I’m almost ready to play now! I just have to add the last touches to the aforementioned ROS-list and set up a Sim Directory page in my tracker file and then I’m good to go. I can’t wait to play!

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