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For a long time I’ve been meaning to begin posting custom content here on the blog. The one small hitch with that plan is that I’ve barely ever made any CC. Once upon a time I made some rather awful underwear for female children, but those have long been deleted and removed from my account at MTS. I’ve also made a special “rabbit house” lot which can be found via my profile @MTS. It’s cute, if a bit silly, but doesn’t really warrant it’s own blog-post. However, I do have one piece of CC that is, in my humble opinion, rather neat: my Modified Hair Genetics mod.

To give a bit of background: one of my (currently being build) hoods in a sci-fi hood mostly populated by aliens with really colorful skin and black hair. They consider human hair colors (red, brown and blonde) a bit odd and to make them even rarer I decided that it would be neat if black was the only dominant hair color in that hood (as opposed to the default black and brown). After a bit of prodding I discovered that this could be achieved by changing a simple line of code for the brown hair genetics from dominant to recessive. To make the mod a bit more useful to the general public, I also did the same thing to the black hair genetics and the opposite for the blond and red hair genetics.


This mod contains 4 small and clearly labeled files. Their names are:


You can combine these in whichever way you want to get different effects. For Primera, my sci-fi hood, I use only the file SilverLiningRecessiveBrownHair.package, which results in black being the only dominant hair-color. You could install all 4 files and get a hood were blond and red are dominant and brown and black are recessive. For Critterly, my anthro hood, I plan to add either the two dominant files or the two recessive files so that all hair-colors will have the same genetic value.


This mod has been tested with all EPs (plus M&G), as well as with only the Base Game using AnyGameTester. As far as I can tell it works as advertised, so that a dominant hair-color will always “win” over a recessive one and hair colors with the same genetic value will get about a 50/50 distribution when being passed on. This mod affects all Maxis hairs and should also affect custom hairs provided that they are properly binned.


You can download each file separately or all 4 in a handy .zip-file:

Dominant Blond Hair | Dominant Red Hair | Recessive Black Hair | Recessive Brown Hair

All Four Files

I hope you enjoy them!

Recommended downloads

I plan to make a habit of recommended other custom content every time I post something of my own (and probably sometimes when I don’t have anything to post, as well). The recommendations will usually be related to my own CC, like a similar download or a download that inspired me to make the CC in question.

In connection with posting this piece of CC on MTS, several people requested a similar mod for eyes. I intended to make one, but being as I am a bit of a sloth when it comes to TS2 I never got around to it. In the end, the lovely and talented Mootilda made one instead. You can get the Modified Eye Color Mod @ MTS.

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