[Download] Hair Genetics Mod

This is a neat little peice of CC that I made for a science-fiction hood I’ve had long-standing plans of creating. I’m not sure whether I’ll ever make the hood, but I figure this mod might be useful to other people so I’ll share it even if I don’t end up using it myself. I present: my Modified Hair Genetics mod.

It’s a very simple mod. It changes one tiny line of code (per hair color) in order to change the genetic value of the hair color from dominant to recessive or vice versa.

This mod contains 4 small and clearly labeled files. Their names are:


You can combine these in whichever way you want to get different effects. For example, you could install all 4 files and get a hood were blond and red are dominant and brown and black are recessive. You could add the black and brown or the red and blond files in order to make all the hair colors equally dominant. Or, as was my original intent with this mod, you could simply add the brown file in order to make black the only dominant haircolor. The posibilities are endless! Or well, as endless as 4 hair-colors allow…

This mod has been tested with all EPs (plus M&G), as well as with only the Base Game using AnyGameTester. As far as I can tell it works as advertised, so that a dominant hair-color will always “win” over a recessive one and hair colors with the same genetic value will get about a 50/50 distribution when being passed on. This mod affects all Maxis hairs and should also affect custom hairs provided that they are properly binned. As far as mod conflicts, this should play nicely with all mods so long as they don’t effect the genetic value of hairs.


You can download each file separately or all 4 in a handy .zip-file:

Dominant Blond Hair | Dominant Red Hair | Recessive Black Hair | Recessive Brown Hair

All Four Files

I hope you enjoy them!

Recommended downloads

In connection with posting this piece of CC on MTS, several people requested a similar mod for eyes. I intended to make one, but being as I am a bit of a sloth when it comes to TS2 I never got around to it. In the end, the lovely and talented Mootilda made one instead. You can get the Modified Eye Color Mod @ MTS.

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